Advocacy Accelerator and Amref Health Africa launch initiative to support youth advocacy for gender equity and SRHR

The Advocacy Accelerator and Amref Health Africa will offer two unique but complementary areas of support and expertise to achieve these outcomes.

  • The Advocacy Accelerator will work to increase the capacity of advocates to achieve their policy goals.
  • Amref Health Africa will mentor and support youth advocates in their efforts to develop and advocate for national and sub-national policy changes on topics prioritised by youth in the areas of gender equality and SRHR.

The project will aim to:

  • Map: Use mobile technology to identify, engage and provide resources to youth advocacy organisations and networks across Kenya for sharing of information and resources.
  • Connect: Support development of a youth-led platform to link youth advocates with one another for joint advocacy on gender and SRHR.
  • Strengthen: Facilitate a youth-led process of designing and implementing a dynamic mixed (in-person and remote) learning platform for youth to increase their skills and get support for effective policy advocacy.
  • Support: Provide resources and support to advocates in four Kenyan counties – in urban, rural, pastoral, and coastal regions – to promote youth-led advocacy with local decision-makers on gender and SRHR topics.
  • Reach: Disseminate tools, resources, and support for advocates to strengthen their skills and impact across the African continent

Amref Health Africa and the Advocacy Accelerator will work with partners and communities across the country, using innovative technologies and methodologies to reach, engage and support youth to create a stronger, healthier and more productive Kenya

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